A Message From Our Chairman

The concept of hunger in our community is often perceived as NOT among the major issues we face.

Indeed, I think it is fair to say that most of us do not WORRY about food. We may WONDER about it . . . like wondering where we will do our grocery shopping this week, or wondering which restaurant we might stop by for a meal out with family or friends over the weekend . . . but rarely do most of us WORRY about food. For most of us, the availability and our access to good nutritious food is something that we pretty much take for granted. However, there is a segment of those in our community who do worry about food because their economic situation forces them to make “tradeoffs” in how they spend their money, and one of those tradeoffs may well be food.

Far too many of the school children in our community rely on free or reduced price breakfasts and lunches at school as their main source of nutrition; far too many adults and families rely on food banks and soup kitchens to help them get through the week.

The Hunger Coalition of the Lowcountry is a multifaith alliance of community volunteers whose mission is to help end hunger on Hilton Head Island. By scanning through this website, you can see what we are about, both in terms of programs we have initiated and in programs that we jointly support with our partner organizations. A guiding principle for those who have been blessed in this life, is to help care for the less fortunate around us . . . one way of putting this is “to whom much is given, much is expected.”

Your financial support is critical to our mission. Won’t you help us?

Joe Kerr
Board Chairman, Backpack Buddies of Hilton Head
The Signature Program of The Hunger Coalition of the Lowcountry

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