COVID-19 Food Distribution

Backpack Buddies is helping feed hungry children on Hilton Head Island!

Some modifications have been made to our normal procedures, but with your help we are getting food packs to children and that is what we are all about!

Currently we have one location for food storage and food bag packing, Hilton Head Island Community Church. Food is being delivered directly to HHICC, and the large community room is being used for packing. We are only using a very small number of volunteers for packing at this time. 500 bags are being packed at a time for the 5 public schools, as we continue to work with the schools, we hope to identify more children who are in need of supplemental food.

Delivery of food packs to the children is happening on Wednesdays, with a big thank you to the Beaufort County School District who is distributing our packs along with school lunches. Backpack Buddies takes the food packs to HHI High School and then school buses make deliveries to pre-set locations on the island, where families pick up the food. Wednesdays are the day we know all children are home for virtual schooling, making it the easiest delivery day logistically.

Unfortunately a fresh fruit or vegetable is not possible to include in the food packs at this time. We are hopeful in the future we can start including them again.

We are also distributing food to children through the Neighborhood Outreach Connection.

The NOC has three locations on the island and is providing a place for children to attend “virtual school” during the day while their parent(s) are at work. We are delivering healthy and hearty snacks to NOC locations on the north end, mid-island and south end.

We know the need is great, and the Board of Directors has been working very diligently to get a procedure in place that is safe for everyone and benefits the children. As things continue to evolve, we will make changes as necessary…

Thank you for your support! We can do great things together!

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